Sandeep Rao
Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Storyteller, Entrepreneur

Sandeep Rao was born on 16 April. His father is a retired Army personal. he had been working over his passion and strong points. Though his Introspection and  inner vision He quickly identified  his passion.

After his Bachelors in Business Administration, he took up MBA. Owing to personal reasons, he did not pursue towards the completion of the course. He started doing as a part time task to educate and motivate the children and students. During his college days he inspired many people by his articles and speeches. He rightly identified his ability and skills in Training, Public speaking and did all to hone his skill sets.

In 2007, he started his part time business in Computer Education.  He motivated and inspired many people and over a period of time, Colleges,  Schools , Institutes and Corporate Entities called him for delivering Motivational Lectures at their premises, in his free time.

In 2010, he joined a Financial Consultancy firm. After a few months, the Promoter of the company offered him 40% stake in the business.   But owing to market reasons, the Company wound up in 2011. It was testing times for him again. He started working for another Trading Firm  for 2 years. Then he started on his own venture that too wound up within a year.

During his free time, he ensures that, his time and energy is spent for motivating others.  He had a quick work experience and was able to subsequently to move up to the next quadrant of doing business. Though he had trials and tribulations, he had ensured that he wind over that situation with might.

Life has its own sudden hostile turns and very roughest terrain to tread through. But in the end it may take us to a breathtaking beautiful destination. Similarly he has now emerged very successful as Motivational Trainer.

Personality Qualities

Sandeep Rao is now the youngest and most renowned Trainer, motivational speaker in the country. He is also authoring a book – “ The Way” which will get published very soon. He continues to do these skill development training’s and motivational speeches – all on a Charity basis, as he feels a vast majority of the students and youngsters has to be motivated and kindled. A vast majority of them cannot afford to pay any fees for getting trained on soft skills and self motivation. His objective is to ignite the inner fire for growth and success, so that all would get a better standard of living. His journey is to continue all along – in touching millions of more hearts and lighting the inner fire.









  • 100,000 People Inspired
  • 500 Workshops
  • 137 People Mentored

What People Say

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